Membership Benefits 

Become a member of the Valley of the Moon Astrological Guild

By joining a community of Astrological minds, together we learn and practice

Member Network 

By joining the VOM Astrological Guild, you will be featured on the Readings page, which gives people information and the ability to book readings with Member Astrologers, and learn more about your style and expertise of Practice. 

Astrology Events 

We host gatherings, workshops, educational classes and retreats for Astrology students and Lovers. If you are a Guild Member Astrologer, we can host, promote and coordinate retreats, classes and workshops for you. 

We create community gatherings on the Astrological New Year (Spring Equinox) and the Winter Solstice, in addition to hosting other offerings for the public on behalf of our members. 

Reports & Podcast 

We publish a New Moon report and Podcast featuring lectures from VOM Guild members, weekly reports about the transits and the moons for the week ahead, in addition to a Youtube channel which features many of our guild members.

Astrology Circles 

We host Astrology Circles, giving the community a place to learn and practice, while meeting fellow astrologers and like minded students.