New Moon in Virgo & The Month ahead Report ~ Sept 2021


The Work of Purifying the Heart, this is where we are called. This is the work of these times.

Earth and Air, Fire and Water come together to create Life, we walk this Earth in a process of Remembering an ancient Truth, Breathing and Walking until Breath leaves and we leave this form. Embodied Soul on Earth in Spirit form.

I've spent the past month grieving, meeting so many on the road who faced grief in their own lives, parents lost, partners left and pets leaving, hearts breaking in the many ways that hearts do. I've faced tenderness and despair and returned to the bottom line that we are here to Love. Again and Again.

I can only pray to be unrelenting in my commitment to Love.

This circle is for the work. For the healing of the heart. For the call that we each have to Serve the Love. May we Listen, and answer her call. She's waiting for our commitment, for our answer, this is the work of purifying the heart.

May we be held, in the circle, now and always.

With Love,


To join the circle, if you are not a Member in the Sacred Elements class, you can register for a Drop in circle or Sign up for the New Moon membership to join every month.

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